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Why Employees say they are "Working to Live"

More employees — especially younger ones — are rethinking why they work. It's up to employers to meet their expectations.

5 min. read

The #1 Reason that Employees Lose Productivity

And how to fix it.

5 min. read

Importance of Career Development for Employees

Employees want to work for companies that invest in them and their career development.

6 min. read

The Secret to an Amazing Workplace

Hint: It isn't about spending lots of money

4 min. read

6 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

What is motivation? What does it mean to feel motivated? Motivated simply means an interest or enthusiasm to do something.

11 min. read

The Value of Employee Recognition

It's important to understand the value of employee recognition when you’re looking to improve your employees' happiness, satisfaction, and engagement.

5 min. read

How to Set Company Goals for the New Year

When the new year starts, many go into it with personal goals in mind. It’s also a good time for companies to put energy into setting goals.

4 min. read

Employees Want to Receive Feedback

Make it easy as pie with our "Pizza Method."

4 min. read

Tips to Stay Productive in the Winter Months

The winter months can be difficult for employees and companies, so you’ll want to plan ahead and be ready to address any concerns.

5 min. read

Benefits of Employee Happiness Surveys

When you want to understand your employees' happiness, don’t guess — ask them!

4 min. read