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The most comprehensive workplace feedback available anywhere.

Amazing Workplace's Employee Happiness Platform™ empowers workplaces to get the most comprehensive workplace feedback available anywhere.

Use existing Smart Surveys or work with Amazing Workplace to tailor surveys to the specific needs of your workplace.
Surveys take minutes. The results are fast, accurate, and easy to use. We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your workplace becomes more amazing.

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Identify the root cause and do something about it!

Amazing Workplace's Magic Insights™ identifies the root cause of what makes a workplace amazing and Exact Actions to make a workplace more amazing. Using 12 Critical Workplace areas, Magic Insights provides actionable results for workplaces committed to creating a more Amazing Workplace.

Magic Insights uses over 145 data points to clearly identify what your workplace should:

Start doing to make it more Amazing.
Change to make it more Amazing.
Stop doing to make it more Amazing.
Continue doing that already makes it Amazing.

Prioritized actions to make your workplace more amazing.

Using Magic Insights™, select from a prioritized list of Exact Actions™. Implement actions and acknowledge improvements. Celebrate your more amazing workplace and eventually become a Certified Amazing Workplace™.

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This is so clear and easy to understand. It also is exactly what I thought was going on with my organization. There were a few surprises, but they really make sense to me. I'm shocked at how precise the report and next steps are. Areas that on their surface seem fine - the report was able to isolate what exactly can be done to make those areas better too. I'm impressed, very impressed.

CEO & Founder - Marketing

We are a “worst to first” story for sure. 18 months ago our workplace was borderline toxic. Gossip, cliques, and all the things you don't really want in a workplace. Working with Amazing Workplace changed everything. We took the reports and followed the exact actions. 18 months later we got ranked as one of the best workplaces in our state. What makes this story even better is the appreciation from our employees. They are so thankful that we cared enough to do something about our workplace. I'm so proud of our employees and workplace.

CEO - Information Services

Magic Insights makes it so clear and simple - exact actions to make your workplace more amazing. I've never seen anything like this in my 25+ years in HR. I wish I had this decades ago.

Director - Marketing

Why Amazing Workplace?

Exact Actions to have a more Amazing Workplace.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) is much more than simple employee engagement surveys and benchmarked results. AWP's Employee Happiness Platform™ identifies Exact Actions that an organization can take to create and maintain a workplace that their professionals agree is amazing.

Isn't it time to have an Amazing Workplace?

Canned surveys, wondering what to do next...


Exact Actions to have an Amazing Workplace.


Employee Happiness Survey™

Magic Insights™

Employee Happiness Platform™

Amazing Workplace (AWP) designed the first Employee Happiness Platform. Smart, friendly, and accessible from nearly any device, AWP's Employee Happiness Platform does far more than gather "agrees," "disagrees," and 1 to 5 ratings. AWP's Employee Happiness Platform identifies the root causes of what makes a workplace amazing and, in some cases, less than amazing.

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Amazing Workplace (AWP) developed advanced technologies to gather and deliver insights that help transform an organization into an Amazing Workplace. Leveraging the voices of your employees, customers, and others in your industry, AWP's Magic Insights provide your organization with information not available anywhere else. “They work like magic,” say our clients - which is why we call them Magic Insights.

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Amazing Workplace (AWP) provides a friendly and easy-to-use Employee Happiness Platform. AWP's Employee Happiness Platform guides workplaces to the exact next steps to create and maintain an Amazing Workplace. AWP's Employee Happiness Platform also provides access to past survey results, Magic Insights, tools, and other resources to empower your Amazing Workplace.

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We like you.

Amazing Workplace Team

Amazing Workplace Solutions

Unlimited Platform Training

Creating an Amazing Workplace is as fun as it can be challenging. When you need help, we have a team of Amazing Workplace experts that are here to empower you and your workplace to be amazing. And by the way, we like you already.

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Sometimes a helping hand is needed to create and maintain your Amazing Workplace. Amazing Workplace experts are here for you with solutions tailored for your workplace. We provide tailored solutions for companies of all sizes to ensure your goals are achieved. We also just love working with our clients - so thank you!

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Amazing Workplace is designed with you in mind. Unlike others, we don't charge extra for showing you how to make the most of Amazing Workplace's Platform.

If you add new team members, make changes within your workplace, or just want to go over something, we're here to support you - free of charge.

It seems a bit silly to ask someone to pay to learn how to use something they are already paying for... we're just sayin'.

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Attract the best people for your workplace.

Yet, the best people may not always be the best fit for your workplace. Amazing Workplace can help.

Attracting the best people for your workplace can be challenging. Amazing Workplace has proven solutions for those who want to find and attract the best people for your workplace.

Onboarding & Orientation

90% of people decide if they will stay at a workplace within their first six months.

Onboarding is much more than happy hours and reading company policies. Onboarding, done right, ensures that your people want to give their best every day and love coming to your workplace. You are not alone if you are thinking, "well, yes, but how do I do all this?" Amazing Workplace can help.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) has developed some of the best onboarding programs used anywhere. Working with your workplace, AWP can create and implement a world class onboarding program that your people will love. It will also include all the "things" your workplace needs to have in place to check HR, legal, and other workplace required "boxes."

Workplace Culture

What exactly is workplace culture?

Doesn't it seem like everytime you ask someone to define "workplace culture", you get hesitation and a different definition? One of the easiest and most accurate definitions for workplace culture is:

The shared attitudes and characteristics of people at a workplace.

There is a lot that can get shoved into the topic of workplace culture. There are a lot of ways that workplace consultants try to define it, establish it, strengthen it, and get everyone on board with it. Yet, our clients often struggle to see results.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) is different.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) provides an easy-to-follow solution for companies wanting to work on their workplace culture. Every workplace has different goals tied to their workplace culture. AWP is here to help. AWP provides workplace culture solutions that work.

Employee Engagement

Increase happiness. Decrease turnover.

There are more definitions for "employee engagement" than there are websites that attempt to define it. One of the most accurate and easiest definitions for employee engagement is:

The level of enthusiasm and dedication a person feels toward their workplace.

A lot can get put into the topic of employee engagement. There are a lot of ways that companies try to measure it. Some survey focused companies suggest that the percentage of people that complete engagement surveys is a way to measure employee engagement.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) is different. AWP's solutions include a proprietary Employee Engagement Assistant (EEA) that does far more than provide an employee engagement "score." EEA identifies root cause(s) of low employee engagement and then creates actionable steps to improve employee engagement. EEA also identifies root cause(s) of high employee engagement and then creates actionable steps to maintain great employee engagement.

Diversity & Inclusion

Every person is different.

And we like it that way. Each and every one of your people bring their own set of thoughts, ideas, personality, and backgrounds that enrich your workplace.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) helps companies improve, embrace, and celebrate diversity. AWP's diversity and inclusion solutions have transformed organizations, both internally and externally.

Anything Else

Every workplace is different.
We like it that way.

The journey to become an Amazing Workplace doesn't always fit into "neat" categories. Sometimes what is needed most isn't on a list of topics like Diversity, Employee Engagement, or Training. Sometimes workplaces want help in other areas.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) is here for that too. We've built and maintained Amazing Workplaces. Our team has hundreds of top workplace awards on their resumes. We are here for anything else your workplace needs.

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