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If given the option, every company would prefer to have a workplace that their employees agree is "amazing." Amazing Workplace helps companies do just that.

Why Amazing Workplace?

Exact actions to have a more Amazing Workplace.

Amazing Workplace (AWP) is much more than simple employee engagement surveys and benchmarked results. AWP's Smart Survey Platform identifies exact actions that an organization can take to create and maintain a workplace that their professionals agree is amazing.

Isn't it time to have an Amazing Workplace?

Canned surveys, wondering what to do next...


Exact actions to have an Amazing Workplace.


Smart Survey Platform

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Amazing Workplace (AWP) designed the first Smart Survey Platform. Smart, friendly, and accessible from nearly any device, AWP's Smart Survey Platform does far more than gather "agrees," "disagrees," and 1 to 5 ratings. AWP's Smart Survey Platform identifies the root causes of what makes their workplace amazing and what would make it more amazing.

Using advanced technology and researched best practices, AWP's Smart Survey Platform creates individualized results, tailored to the needs and wants of your workplace. Gone are the days of a dozen or so canned questions that fail to provide actionable results.

AWP's Smart Survey Platform doesn't stop there. The system ensures a workplace has actionable steps to create a more amazing workplace - and - maintain an amazing workplace.

Safe & Confidential.

Honest feedback can only happen in a safe environment, free of potential punishment. Employees need a safe space in which to openly communicate and give feedback. Using Amazing Workplace (AWP) to gather information provides that safe space for employees to communicate openly their thoughts and ideas without fear of punishment.

No one can connect employee answers to employees personally - not even Amazing Workplace. Amazing Workplace designed its Smart Survey Platform, Employee Engagement Assistant, Magic Insights, and Workplace Portal so that it is impossible for an employee's identity to be connected to answers provided.

It is important that your employees feel safe to answer questions without fear of humiliation or punishment. Amazing Workplace's proprietary advanced technology ensures that your employees can safely answer questions without fear of someone later finding out their identity.

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Creating an Amazing Workplace is as fun as it can be challenging. When you need help, we have a team of Amazing Workplace experts that are here to empower you and your workplace to be amazing. And by the way, we like you already.