What employees want.

What businesses need.

Employees want to be happy at work. Businesses need to attract the best people, get things done, and retain talent in order to be successful.

  • Happy workplaces attract the best people.
  • Happy employees are far more productive.
  • Happy employees don't quit.

Isn't it time you got what you want as a business, while giving employees what they want as people?

Person standing in front of their computer desk with the Amazing Workplace EHMS open on their screen.

Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)

The best way to measure and improve employee happiness

Software to measure happiness, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and make informed business decisions based on actionable information:

  • How groups, locations, and teams feel.
  • Why they feel happy and how to maintain happiness.
  • Why they don't feel happy and how to increase happiness.
  • What matters most to your employees.
  • Employee Comment Management System™ - leverage the voices of your employees like never before.
  • Happiness Management Plans™

Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)

Why happiness matters most

100% of employees said they would prefer to be happy at work.

  • Not engagement - 60% of employees said they don't understand what employee engagement means.
  • Not culture - 72% of employees said they don't understand their own company culture.
  • Not money - nearly 40% of employees said they would take a $5,000/year pay cut in order to be more happy at work.
Person smiling while attending a workplace meeting
Person smiling

Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)

Drive success with employee happiness.

  • Recruiting: People accept jobs because they believe they will be happy working for a company.
  • Financial Performance: Companies with happy employees are far more productive and financially successful.
  • Retention: Employees quit because they are not happy.

Achieve business success with employee happiness.

Amazing Workplace developed the first ever Employee Happiness Management System™. Finally, and for the first time, businesses can accurately measure employee happiness and take exact steps to improve employee happiness, strengthen recruiting, increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today.

  • Certified Happy Workplace™
  • Employee Happiness Management™
  • Employee Happiness Management System™
  • Employee Happiness Management Software™
  • Putting Happiness in H R™
  • The Best Way to Manage Employee Happiness™
  • Amazing Workplace's 9 Happiness Drivers™
  • Communication, Meaning, Empowerment, Growth, Balance, Rewards, Safety, Belonging, and Enjoyment.
  • Amazing Workplace's 9 Happiness Drivers: Communication, Meaning, Empowerment, Growth, Balance, Rewards, Safety, Belonging, and Enjoyment.™