What is an
Amazing Workplace?

An Amazing Workplace is a workplace whose employees feel happy or very happy about their workplace. An Amazing Workplace is a workplace that has made a commitment to improving and maintaining employee happiness.

Workplace: is defined as a group of people working together in pursuit of a shared purpose or goal.

Amazing: is defined as feeling something or someone is very good, extremely pleasant, enjoyable, or very likable.

Who wouldn't want a workplace where employees feel happy or very happy?

Become a Certified
Amazing Workplace

A Certified Amazing Workplace recognizes companies who create and maintain an Amazing Workplace.


Employee Engagement is simply defined as the level of enthusiasm and dedication a person feels toward their workplace.

The Engagement Award measures how enthusiastic and dedicated employees feel toward their workplace.


Purpose is simply defined as the reason something is done or created or why it exists. It is the "why." Why are we doing this?

The Purpose Award measures employees' understanding, admiration, and alignment with their company's purpose.


Workplace Culture is simply defined as the shared attitudes and characteristics of people at a workplace. It's the way people act when together.

The Culture Award measures employees' awareness of their culture and their perceptions about their workplace culture.

Learning & Development

Being the best at something is a source of pride for employees. Feeling competent and able to get things done improves morale and creates a sense of accomplishment.

The Learning & Development Award measures how supported employees feel in their job and career. It also measures how interested they are in a long future at their workplace.


Productivity is simply defined as getting things done. The origin of the word means "to produce." Successfully getting things done at work feels good. Productivity and job satisfaction are often very closely aligned.

The Productivity Award measures employees' perceptions of how much gets done, how much their workplace supports getting things done, and how motivated they feel to get things done.


Leadership is simply the action of leading a group of people. In a workplace, leadership is the action of leading a group of people to get things done in alignment with the workplace purpose.

The Leadership Award measures how employees perceive their leaders, how effectively they feel led, how their leaders make them feel, and how likely they are to stay (or leave) because of their leaders.

How It Works

Survey, Certify, Celebrate

1 Amazing Surveys

Select a two-week period to launch the Employee Happiness Survey™.

In less than seven minutes, the Employee Happiness Survey gathers the most comprehensive workplace feedback available anywhere.

2 Certified Amazing

Once the results are in, we let your workplace know if it qualifies as a Certified Amazing Workplace. A Certified Amazing Workplace is eligible to win the most prestigious award available to any company, anywhere:

The Distinguished Workplace Award.

Certified Amazing Workplaces are also eligible for additional awards, rankings, and more.

3 Celebrate

Showcase your Certified Amazing Workplace on amazingworkplace.com and let the world know with Amazing Workplace's social media icon. Certified Amazing Workplaces are announced in media outlets nationwide throughout the year.
Annual Amazing Workplace Certification

Feature your
Amazing Workplace

Social Media recognition. Nationwide and local news releases.

Workplace Awards

Gain access to awards at a national, regional, state, and local level; for your industry, and across 12 Critical Workplace Areas.

and Media Kit

Showcase your workplace on amazingworkplace.com and use social media icons and logos in job postings, marketing, and other content.

Exact steps to
make your workplace
even more amazing.

Magic Insights

Some workplaces want more than certification and awards. They want to clearly identify what makes their workplace amazing and isolate what would make their workplace even more amazing. That is why Amazing Workplace created Magic Insights.

Amazing Workplace's Magic Insights identifies the root cause of what makes a workplace amazing and Exact Actions™ to make a workplace even more amazing. Using 12 Critical Workplace areas, Magic Insights provides actionable results for workplaces committed to maintaining their Amazing Workplace.

Getting certified is one of the best decisions we ever made. It seems like nearly every applicant mentions that they were interested in us because we are an amazing workplace. It has really made a difference in hiring.

HR Hiring Manager - Corporate Services

Our workplace is amazing and has been for over 5 years. The reports let us fine tune things. Our employees feel heard and appreciate that we continue to use their feedback to fine tune things. Covid was hard, but this process really helped keep things together and on the right track.

VP of HR - Technology

Amazing Workplace delivers on its promise. We've used all of the ranking companies and a few of the paid for survey services over the years. None of them even come close. The reports from Amazing Workplace give easy to understand steps that really work. Our people love the surveys too - they are way better than the other 'standardized test' surveys.

Director - Marketing

Why be an
Amazing Workplace?

Attract Talent

Retain Talent

Attract Customers

Financial Success

Attract the best people for your workplace.

Certified Amazing Workplaces are over 3 times more successful in attracting the best people for their workplace. Over 70% of applicants said that an Amazing Workplace would positively influence their decision to accept employment.

People riding in paper airplane


would prefer working at an Amazing Workplace.


more successful when staff feel they have an Amazing Workplace.

Amazing Talent needs an Amazing Workplace.

Employees are over 50% more likely to stay at an Amazing Workplace than at a company that is not a Certified Amazing Workplace.

People standing around a check mark


more likely to stay at their job knowing it's an Amazing Workplace.

Amazing Workplaces attract more customers.

Customers prefer Amazing Workplaces and continue to do business with them. 90% of customers look at the reputation of a workplace prior to deciding to do business with them. Customer loyalty increases by over 50% for Certified Amazing Workplaces.

Person holding a magnet


search for the reputation before doing business.


increase in customer loyalty for Amazing Workplaces.

Amazing Workplaces outperform others.

Amazing Workplaces significantly outperform others. Certified Amazing Workplaces outperform their peers by over 600% in revenue growth and stock price growth of over 900%. They also experience 50% higher sales.

Person holding a magnet


revenue growth and over 900% stock price increases.


higher sales to customers.

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