Why You Should Take a Workation

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What is a workation? And why should you be considering taking one

Have you heard of a Workation? This latest trend is becoming increasingly popular in organizations across the US and Europe.

As remote work and hybrid models are becoming the new normal post-pandemic, employees are allowed location flexibility. They can work from anywhere they please, making a workation an increasingly viable option. This, coupled with the advancement in workplace productivity tools and collaboration technologies has made it possible for teams to communicate from remote locations while enjoying a break from the home office.

But, what is a workation? And why should you be considering taking one? Read on to find out.

What is a workation?

Workation is an amalgamation of the words work and vacation. The term means to combine work and leisure to allow for exploration, relaxation, and an improved work-life balance. In general, it applies to employees who work remotely and who have the time and technology to travel while maintaining their work schedule.

Why take a workation?

Workations offer employees the chance to recharge their mental and emotional batteries without having to use up their vacation time. Remote workers can often feel isolated and lonely, a workation allows them to break away from the home office to explore new places and meet new people.

In a recent poll, 1000+ Americans were interviewed about their recent workation experiences. 86 percent of employees agreed or strongly agreed that a workation boosted their productivity and 81 percent said they grew more creative at work.

Workations also help employees to cope with work-related stress, 83 percent of people polled strongly agreed that a workation helped them cope with burnout. Escaping the daily routine and enjoying a change of scenery also meant that 84 percent of employees felt more satisfied with their job.

How to take a workation

If you are already dreaming about packing up your laptop and hot-footing it to the beach, stop for a minute before you drive to the airport. A workation might sound like an immediate solution to a monotonous lifestyle, but you can’t leave town without notice, especially if you have never done so before.

Inform your superiors that you plan to take a workation and ensure that it fits with their schedule and any company events you should be available for. Always schedule your workation in advance and go through the proper channels so you and your co-workers are all on the same page.

It is important to remember that a workation is still a vacation. Explain to your manager that you will be working, but you are using this time to enjoy yourself to boost your well-being. Consider asking your boss if you can work reduced hours or half days for the duration of your trip. There’s no point in taking a workation if you are going to spend all day at your hotel room desk ordering expensive room service.

What do you need on a workation?

When choosing accommodation for a workation you need to make sure you have everything you need to fulfill your work obligations.

Keep in mind the following factors when deciding on a location:

· Reliable Internet connection – will you be able to make video calls easily?

· Health and safety standards

· Online ratings – read the review section to research others’ experiences

· Suitable space to work comfortably

· Price – can you afford it?

· Flexibility to cancel without penalty

· Proximity to local attractions – how will you spend your free time wisely?

· Presence of a quiet space for private meetings

Benefits of taking a workation

Not all workations are the same, they can take many different forms and come in many different shapes and sizes. The idea is, no matter how you choose to take a workation, it should change your life for the better. Here’s why you should take a workation:

Boost your productivity

Workations can greatly improve your mental health and well-being, reducing stress and preventing burnout. In turn, this increases your ability to focus and boosts productivity. Getting out of the house allows you to explore new places and satisfy your wanderlust. If dark, cold winters get you down, why not book a workation in a subtropical climate? Feeling happy and relaxed can increase your capacity to work effectively.

Improve creativity

Whether you love touring European cities for the architecture or you’ve always wanted to see the color of the ocean on the west coast, by traveling to different towns, climates, landscapes, and cultures, you are opening up your world. These experiences inspire us and encourage creativity in all aspects of our lives.


Workcations allow you to create your own schedule on your own time. We often get trapped in routines when we work in the same place every day. Take the opportunity to design a fresh schedule that suits your workation and your workplace.

Set core hours for yourself and stick to them. Make sure you set time to relax every day of your trip and turn off your email and notifications at the end of your workday so you can truly unplug.

Tip: If you are traveling long distance, remember to factor in the time difference.

Support Local Businesses

Make the most of your flexible hours by visiting local restaurants, attractions, and shops. Not only will you get to experience new flavors and adventures, but you will also be supporting local businesses and people. Research beforehand and pinpoint local coffee shops or co-working spaces where you could work and network with other like-minded individuals. Your only limit is your imagination (and your internet connection) when it comes to creating a positive, productive workation.

Enhanced work-life balance

You might find your manager has never heard of a workation and may seem skeptical at first. By educating them, and explaining your plans, you are sending a message to your employer that you cherish your work-life balance.

A healthy work-life balance improves motivation and can make you feel refreshed and energized. When you experience less pressure at work due to stress and anxiety, a positive balance makes it easier for you to perform and meet your goals.

Workations allow you to disconnect, de-stress, and breathe fresh air while you are technically still working. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to plan a workation of your own. Treat yourself to the trip you deserve.