How to Decrease Employee Turnover Rate

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The employee turnover rate is like a window into the world of employee happiness and company stability

If the turnover rate is high, it's a flashing warning sign that happiness is low in the workplace, while a low turnover rate is a good indication that employees are happy, motivated, productive, and committed to their position within the company.

Understanding your employee turnover rate is crucial as an employer because it gives you the inside scoop on what's going on with your team. By keeping tabs on this rate, businesses can figure out why people are leaving and then take action to make things better.

The people we talk to genuinely want to do something. They want to take action that will decrease their employee turnover rate and create positive outcomes for their employees and the workplace.

So, as an employer, how do you decrease employee turnover rates? You increase employee happiness.

The Amazing Workplace® Platform is the solution to measure and improve employee happiness, attract the best talent, increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

Decrease Employee Turnover Rate by Prioritizing Employee Happiness

Employees want to be happy at work. Businesses need to attract the best people, get things done, and retain talent in order to be successful.

Happy workplaces attract the best people.

Happy employees are far more motivated and productive.

Happy employees don't quit.

Using decades of extensive research, cutting-edge technologies, and practical experience in improving employee happiness, we’ve come up with 9 Happiness Drivers:

  • Communication
  • Meaning
  • Empowerment
  • Growth
  • Balance
  • Rewards
  • Safety
  • Belonging
  • Enjoyment

The Amazing Workplace® Platform Decreases Employee Turnover

Employees who feel happy about the 9 Drivers are happy at work. Our platform is the only tool on the market that can help you increase and maintain happiness. That's because the system empowers you to measure, understand, and improve Happiness Drivers in your workplace.

As an employer, you can measure happiness, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and make informed business decisions based on actionable information such as:

  • How groups, locations, and teams feel
  • Why they feel happy and how to maintain happiness
  • Why they don't feel happy and how to increase happiness
  • What matters most to your employees

But the Amazing Workplace Platform goes beyond surveys; it provides real-time insights to inform decisions based on how employees feel. Here’s how it unlocks employee happiness:

  • We leverage AI to capture employee emotions accurately while offering next-day access to actionable results
  • The platform empowers leaders to engage in meaningful conversations with specific employee groups about relevant topics
  • Our system includes an Employee Comment Management System to effectively utilize employee feedback and promote verified employee reviews for recruiting purposes

We accomplish our purpose of improving people's lives every day by scheduling meetings, presenting our software solution, and getting agreement that employee happiness matters to employees and the workplace.

There is a solution, and we are it.

There is never a better time than now to start using a solution that works.

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