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How is Employee Happiness Measured?

How is Employee Happiness Measured?

Certified Happy Employees

A Certified Amazing Workplace™ is one whose employees are happy or very happy. Employee happiness comes from actual employees that work at a workplace. Workplaces that have taken an Amazing Workplace's Employee Happiness Survey™ can receive a Certified Employee Happiness feeling. Employee happiness is measured using Amazing Workplace's Standards. To learn more, please see Employee Happiness.

Employees are surveyed using Amazing Workplace's Employee Happiness Survey™. Employees are verified; only actual employees can take surveys. Surveys are in a closed system, without outside influence, and anonymous. Participation levels are very high, averaging over 70%. Surveys represent the most accurate picture of how employees feel about their workplace.

Amazing Workplaces have a common goal to improve employee happiness. Workplaces that are not yet certified, but are actively working with Amazing Workplace to improve employee happiness are recognized for Actively Improving employee happiness.

Verified Scores

Verified scores come from independent ranking companies that verify employment. Verified scores are from actual employees that work at a workplace. Workplaces that have received “top 100” or “100 best” awards from ranking companies have verified scores.

Verified scores are calculated and then compared to other companies that participate in ranking competitions that take place annually. While there isn't a standard used, companies that get ranked have created a great place to work. Scores are tied to a specific time period and can be relied on to see how employees feel about a company as of a specific period of time.

Employees are verified; only actual employees can take surveys. Surveys are in a closed system, without outside influence. Participation levels are high, averaging over 35% of employees at most companies. Verified scores are presented using Amazing Workplace's employee happiness standards.

Other Review Websites

This score comes from people that have left online reviews of a company. Reviews might be from current or former employees, or they may be from anyone. There is no way to verify that an "employee" review is actually from an employee of the company reviewed. Anyone can post a review on "employee" review sites. They can do this for any company, at any time, and with no verification that they actually worked for the company they are reviewing.

Other review websites keep a record of every review going back in time forever. The score does not reflect current reviews, just the entire bucket of reviews forever. There are no participation requirements and participation levels are low, averaging less than 10% for most companies. Based on what we know about other review websites, do we really know how happy employees are?

Learn More about “employee” review sites here: Solve Inaccurate Online Reviews.

Company Overview

Age of Learning is a leading education technology innovator based in Glendale, California, with a talented team of 500+ individuals comprised of nationally-renowned educators, curriculum experts, designers, animators, engineers, and more. We develop engaging, effective digital learning technology and content to help children build a strong academic foundation for lifelong success. Our flagship product ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy is a comprehensive online curriculum and the #1 digital learning product for young children. To-date, more than 20 million children worldwide have completed over 5 billion Learning Activities on ABCmouse. We recently launched Adventure Academy, the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) game designed specifically to help elementary- and middle-school-aged children learn. It features thousands of engaging Learning Activitiesincluding minigames, books, original animated and live action series, and morein a fun and safe virtual world. Other Age of Learning programs include immersive English language learning products for children in China and Japan; ReadingIQ, a digital library and literacy platform; and a groundbreaking personalized, adaptive digital learning system that individualizes math instruction for every child through AI-driven technology. We are committed to helping all children succeed. Through the Age of Learning Foundation, we make our research-proven educational products available at no cost to millions of children in need through schools, libraries, Head Start programs, community centers, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations. This work has served communities on 5 continents and continues to grow today. As we expand our global reach and increase the educational impact of our programs, were looking for passionate, ambitious, and collaborative leaders to become a part of our growing team.

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