How to Improve Communication in the Workplace

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Open communication in the workplace leads to honest employee feedback, which increases employee happiness and productivity.

Open communication in the workplace leads to honest employee feedback, which increases employee happiness and productivity. When people feel heard and understood and like true communication is a workplace priority, they feel motivated and confident enough to do their best work. Let's explore more on, "How can communications be improved in the workplace."

The best way to improve workplace communication is to use an Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)™ after acknowledging that honest employee feedback can only happen in a safe environment, free of potential punishment. Employees want and need a safe space in which to openly communicate and give feedback. Using an Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)™ to gather information provides that safe space for employees to communicate openly their thoughts and ideas without fear of punishment.

Amazing Workplace designed its Employee Happiness Smart Survey® in a way that it is impossible for an employee’s identity to be connected to the answers provided. It is important that your employees feel safe to answer questions without fear of humiliation or punishment. Our technology ensures that your employees can safely answer questions without fear of someone later finding out their identity.

What is Communication, and How Does it Create Happy Employees?

Communication is one of the 9 Happiness Drivers that Amazing Workplace has determined are essential to success, motivation, and productivity.

Communication is the process of sharing an idea or thought and getting understanding on the other end. When someone understands, they can be said to "know" something. The origin of the word “communicate” comes from Latin and means "to share something and get understanding."

At work, communication is the sharing of ideas with the goal of understanding. When understanding is not achieved, the result is confusion. Confusion is simply defined as a lack of understanding. When something is not understood, partially understood, or even mostly understood, there exists some amount of confusion.

Confusion is the largest source of mistakes in a workplace. Confusion can lead to feelings of frustration, uncertainty, slight upset, a desire to do something else, and even people quitting their jobs.

Employee happiness increases when employees feel that their opinions and ideas are listened to and heard, which only happens with open communication. Employees who don’t feel appreciated by their workplace will leave sooner or later.

Workplaces that implement an Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)™, listen, and take action based on survey results experience employee happiness levels of over two times higher than workplaces that do not.

How Can Communication be Improved in the Workplace? An Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)™.

If you're still wondering what tool you can put in place to address the questions of, "How can communicating be improved in the workplace?", Amazing Workplace had the system for you. The people we talk to genuinely want to do something to improve workplace communication for their employees. They want to take action that will result in a positive outcome for their people and workplace.

Amazing Workplace knows that the Employee Happiness Management System is the solution to measure and improve employee happiness. Employee happiness is what matters most to employees, and it is the way to attract the best talent, increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

We accomplish our purpose of improving people's lives every day by scheduling meetings, presenting our software solution, and getting agreement that employee happiness matters to employees and the workplace. People are now empowered with the knowledge that there is a solution to the problems they’ve faced since starting their business. They now know they are not alone.

There is a solution, and we are it.

There is never a better time than now to start using a solution that works.

At Amazing Workplace, our Employee Happiness Management System (EHMS)™ goes beyond surveys; it provides real-time insights to inform decisions based on how employees feel. Here’s how EHMS unlocks employee happiness:

  • EHMS leverages AI to capture employee emotions accurately while offering next-day access to actionable results
  • EHMS empowers leaders to engage in meaningful conversations with specific employee groups about relevant topics
  • EHMS includes an Employee Comment Management System to effectively utilize employee feedback and promote verified employee reviews for recruiting purposes

Organizational happiness resulting from open communication is the foundation on which success is built — that foundation is provided by Amazing Workplace. Contact us today to schedule your demo!