A Manager is More Than Just a Job

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Managing teams takes more than just leadership, there are many angles to be considered.

Being a manager is more than just a job description.

Successful managers take control by improving the workload and streamlining how things are done. It becomes a way of life in many respects. They find the best way to do things as a group and help people find the best in themselves. That is why they are such an important part of an amazing workplace

What Does a Manager Do?

The Oxford dictionary says that a manager is a person who is in charge of running a business, a shop, or a similar organization. However, if you have had a manager above you or you have been a manager, you know that this definition doesn’t really cover what a manager’s work is

Managers are there for a reason. If you don’t have an effective manager, you don’t have good teams, and the team members aren’t able to do their best work.

A great manager leads the team. What do we mean by the word manage? To manage something is to take care of it. It is the art required to get the best out of the team members as a whole, and as individuals.

According to a Predictive Index report, 94% of employees with great managers reported being more passionate about the work they did. The converse is true as well. If you have a bad manager, you don’t feel passionate at all. The same report found that 77 percent of employees with bad managers hope to leave their current jobs!

Bad management creates an environment that breeds disengaged team members. Disengaged staff is the first to begin quiet quitting and most certainly aren’t doing the best they can.

Hiring Great Managers

If you are looking to hire a manager at a great place to work you’ll need to seek out candidates who share and embody the core values of your business. Find a person that identifies with your brand and preferably can offer a new perspective or insight.

A positive workplace culture is led by great managers. Your company relies on finding candidates who will productively add value to your team. Diversity should be a criteria - it has been shown to improve innovation and productivity in teams. Collaboration comes from different ideas and points of view working together. Managers who facilitate collaboration are the best type of managers. These managers find the most optimum way for teams to work together. They streamline communication and make sure that everyone gets on well.

Never Tolerate Poor Managers

Managers are in a position of authority. It's their job to help the other employees achieve their tasks and pull together to create an amazing workplace.

it's a job that needs to be done selflessly. Poor managers do not think of others first. Bad management leads to disengaged employees and bad teamwork. If you have bad teamwork, you can’t have good collaboration. Tolerating poor managers leads to mistakes high staff turnover and an overall poor corporate culture. Managers have to have a high standard or the rest of the workers will follow suit.

A good manager focuses on helping other employees produce their best work. Great management has been shown to increase job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover. Company success is built upon pushing new initiatives and finding new ways of doing business.

The employees in an organization have to deal with the day-to-day ins and outs of their tasks. Your team members deal with customers and problems daily. Managers are there to advise employees and help with solving any issues. They move the entire corporation forward.

Brilliant places to work have excellent managers who make it a priority to get the best from both individuals and teams. A manager provides stability. They also keep the momentum of the company moving forward.

Motivation is a big part of being a manager. They can provide positive or negative feedback on employees' performance and pull together the community of the entire organization. It is a manager that sets up most of the values and cultures within teams. Managers create momentum in a team that might in other ways have been lost. A supervisory role needs to be set in place so that the team gets the best out of each and every one of its team members.


Managers facilitate great communication. They communicate clearly to their team members and they make sure the communication lines are strong between every member of each part of the team. They know that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Different levels of the company have to operate efficiently on their own, but also have to be able to mesh well together. It’s an amalgamation of all the talents that are available to the organization. It is up to the managers in your company to help facilitate communication between each co-worker and each team member.

To do this managers work hard to help boost the productivity of the whole corporation. If they need to, they have the authority to change priorities if things shift and need to be adjusted.


One of the main things that managers do is organize teams. They organize coworkers who may have different work styles that have to amalgamate together. It means they work professionally and personally with the folks who work there.

In successful workplaces, a manager must oversee the whole team. That means managing individuals and groups. There are a few things that managers can do to make certain that their teams are organized. They can encourage teamwork by monitoring their co-workers.

They can incorporate team bonding exercises or teambuilding experiences. Most of all they need team development and training to improve the skill sets of all of the team members.

The tone of an organization is set from the top, If you want to have the best team members that you possibly can, in a workplace that is thought of as a great place to work, it starts with the managers.